How Randy's Hardware came to be

Our story really began 60 years ago when Randy was born to good parents who taught him how to work on just about everything. From early on he had a fascination with what made things tick and an unquenchable thirst for all things tools.

When he began working at his first hardware store soon after getting married, he quickly found out what his calling in life was going to be -- hardware retailing.

After a long and prosperous career with another local hardware company, Randy had learned a lot about how to run a hardware store. As is often the case when working for a large corporation, he also learned many lessons about how not to run a hardware store. So, after 30 years of service to this company, Randy decided it was time to retire and start living his dream of having his own store.

Randy's Hardware - Timberville
Randy's Hardware - Timberville

After much preparation and help from his wife and two daughters, Randy opened Randy's Do It Best Hardware in Timberville, VA in 2001.

Since then, they have purchased a store in New Market in 2007 (which has since merged with their main store in Timberville) and opened a brand new store in Bridgewater in 2011. They also expanded their flagship Timberville store in 2012, nearly doubling the amount of products able to be offered!

Randy's Hardware - Bridgewater
Randy's Hardware - Bridgewater

Since the expansion and adding the store in Bridgewater, much has changed within the stores, but most has stayed the same. In the Timberville community, however, the retail and business climate changed pretty drastically in the summer of 2016. That's when the largest retailer in the world moved to our sleepy little town and right next door to us. Unfortunately, some of our friends and fellow business owners saw some hard times because of this, but we had spent nearly 18 months preparing and were impacted only minimally.

christian magazine feature
Christian Herrick magazine feature

In fact, because of the team's efforts and planning in preparing for the new business environment in Timberville, the new C.E.O. of Randy's Hardware, Christian Herrick, was honored with the North American Hardware Association's Young Retailer of the Year award in 2016. We were thrilled to receive the international recognition that this prestigious award brought to our little business and especially to the great work that our team has done.

Through Christian's plan and the hard work of the entire team, Randy's Hardware is now known as THE place to shop for durable, well-made products, much of it made locally. Randy's also has a reputation for having everything you might need to finish your project, whether it's fixing your leaky faucet, curing your ailing garden, or maintaining your household tools.

Randy's Hardware - Mt. Jackson
Randy's Hardware - Mt. Jackson

In the spring of 2018, our newest location in downtown Harrisonburg was opened. It was seen as an experiment of sorts and as a way for Randy's to open the door into the rapidly expanding Harrisonburg market. With the store's location under the same roof of several other independent businesses, it has presented many unique challenges, but also several good surprises as well. For instance, it was this downtown store that first began the journey of fine writing supplies for Randy's Hardware, Inc. After a full year of experimenting with a "mini" store in Harrisonburg, the time came for us to close our little experimental pop-up shop in early 2019.

And just when things looked down for us, a great opportunity arose in the North. A family-owned and operated hardware store that had been in business for over 75 years approached us about purchasing their store. With our most recent experience of having a third location, and with all of the lessons we had learned from that process, we jumped at the opportunity. After months of back and forth, Randy's Hardware in Mount Jackson, Virginia opened it's doors in late July of 2019.

Randy's Hardware - Ruckersville
Randy's Hardware - Ruckersville

With the addition of a few key staff members in key positions, 2020 looked to be a year of growth for Randy's Hardware, Inc. Well, we all know now what happened in 2020. Unfortunately, many of our fellow small business owners and fellow Americans suffered greatly because of the pandemic, among other things. On the other hand, we ended up having a banner year as more people were forced to spend time at home and used our stores to spruce them up. We feel very fortunate to have come out of 2020 a much stronger organization. But that's not all we came out of 2020 with!

Near the beginning of 2020 we were approached by a company who owned commercial property in a nearby area. They had done market research and identified an independent hardware store as being what was needed in their neighborhood. Although the area was out of the Shenandoah Valley and so a decent distance from "home base," it was still within driving distance. After market research of our own, we knew we had to seize the opportunity as soon as possible. And so, even in the midst of the pandemic, it was decided to add our fourth store, this time in Ruckersville, VA.

With the addition of a store in Greene County, Randy's Hardware is now able to service a much larger area. In addition, new products and services are able to be offered. Most notably, in Ruckersville, we are now an authorized Stihl dealer offering both sales and service for all of your Stihl equipment. This is a very exciting move for us and one which we've sought for some time.


Randy's Do It Best Hardware is a locally-owned, family business that thrives on genuine care of our community by providing the right products and unwavering service. Our devoted staff is focused on making our neck of the woods a better place to live and work.


We strive to be a model in our community and industry


  1. FAMILY - our coworkers feel like family. Additionally, our number one priority is to work for the betterment of our's and the community's families.
  2. INTEGRITY - we strive to keep a good moral compass and are honest in all of our dealings.
  3. SELFLESSNESS - we go to great lengths to help those in need, often times at the expense of our self-interests.
  4. KNOWLEDGE - we strive to be better and gain knowledge through educational opportunities and experience.